Welcome to the Magical World of Exclusive Excursion Activities in Crete! Are you ready to live the ultimate combined experience of adventure and comfort in Crete? Here, beautiful Crete is transformed into a world of unique moments. We offer personalized tours! Discover Crete with the guidance of experienced local guides with carefully planned itineraries that highlight the islands rich culture and natural beauty.

Live exciting experiences through hiking in canyons, horseback riding on beaches and extreme water sports, offering moments of unique adrenaline. Enjoy a variety of activities that highlight the islands rich culture and natural beauty. Enjoy traditional dishes, local delicacies and wine tasting for an unforgettable dining experience. Try unique flavors and aromas that are an integral part of the local culture and gastronomy of Crete.

Call us today and let us guide you on a journey full of unique moments of adventure in the heart of Crete!


Olive Oil Factory


Wine Tasting


Extreme Sports


Food Tasting

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Cheese Factory


Brewery Tour


Brewery Tour

Excursion Destinations

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Knossos & CRETAquarium
– Thalassocosmos

Crete, an island that combines antiquity and modern civilization, is considered an enchanting destination that offers an enriching experience 

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Ballos Beach and Gramvousa Island


Palaiochora and Krios Beach


Olive Oil Factory


Palaiochora and Krios Beach



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